Regulation & Policy - In Brief

Regulation & Policy

- The Communications Commission of Kenya has directed Royal Media Services to stop broadcasting using some frequencies it says are being operated without a license.

- Tunisia's Court of Cassation on Wednesday (November 28th) ordered the release of Ettounsiya TV head Sami Fehri, Shems FM quoted defence lawyer Sonia Dahmani as saying. Fehri was arrested in August and was charged with "illegal use of Tunisian state television resources" during Ben Ali's rule, days after his station aired a satirical puppet show that mocked members of the Ennahda-led government.

- DRC: The offices of Radio SolidaritÈ, a community station in the town of Sake, were ransacked by rebels belonging to M23, a group of former army officers who have seized towns in the eastern part of the country, according to the station s journalists, the U.N.-backed station Radio Okapi reported. The rebels also confiscated equipment, including a generator and microphones, local press freedom group Journaliste En Danger reported. The station has not been able to broadcast and remains off the air, local journalists said. Amani Kabashi, a spokesman for M23, denied to CPJ that the rebels had attacked the station.

- DRC: The Superior Council of Audiovisual  and Communication had scrambled Okapi signal for four days because of its "refusal to submit its specifications in the context of the transition to digital terrestrial television."