Reminder of Televisions/Radios’ duty regarding the Orange AFCON 2013

Regulation & Policy

PARIS, France, January 18, 2013/African Press Organization (APO)/ – May we remind you that only LC2 Media – AFNEX and CCFOOT Ltd is empowered to authorize a television or a radio located on Sub-Saharan African territory (except for South Africa), to broadcast (“via Terrestrial TV and satellite, by free TV”), on its territory the Orange AFCON 2013.

Televisions/Radios rightfully authorized by LC2-AFNEX/CCFOOT to broadcast the competition have to limit the broadcast to the territory for which they are licenced.

In case of broadcasting on one or several neighbouring territories (in proportions exceeding a tolerated natural over spilling of a few kilometres), LC2-AFNEX/CCFOOT will be under the obligation to suspend immediately delivering the broadcast signal for as long as the Television/Radio in question has not taken the necessary technical means to put an end to the overspill. Such suspension of the licence does not however affect the Television/Radio’s financial obligations, and they will still be bound to pay the entire fees as per each contract signed.

LC2 Medias – AFNEX remains open to all its Television/Radio partners to discuss of the best technical solutions to provide before January 20th 2013, starting date of the Orange AFCON 2013.

May we also remind that broadcasting of the Orange AFCON 2013 by a Television/Radio on a territory other than its own infringes other CAF licensees’ rights and CAF’s rights as well. Indeed, any act of this nature weakens both the sport event and its organizer, and therefore heavily affects the economy of sports in Africa (

Let’s all live the Orange AFCON 2013in conditions that are respectful of African sports economy in general and of African football in particular.

Distributed by the African Press Organization on behalf of LC2-AFNEX.

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