video news agency grows with new clients and a stock of news from all over the African continent

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There are a few news agencies out there who keep an eye on the African continent but few of them are 100% focused on just the whole African continent. The recent success of shows that there was a gap in the market for fresh and professional video reports across the region.

Since its promising launch at Fespaco 2011, video news agency has grown up with 11 bureaux in Africa and correspondents in each country to provide a better vision of the continent accessible to all.
Traffic on's website is large and the agency has convinced large TV broadcasters to become client.
There are two sides to BtoB with its professional video news activities and BtoC with a free webTV relying on advertising revenues.

Karim Kabache, the agency's CFO explained that the news agency relies on its professional African network to supply video reports to the world - in English and in French - in line with the realities of the continent.

Two years after launching, the agency's video reports are regularly broadcast by large TV networks such as Africa 24, VoxAfrica, TV5 Monde, Canal+, Euronews, France24 and iTele. CFI - which distributes newsreels to about 60 African countries - is also a client and a strong supporter.

So far two African channels have directly subscribed to the service. Soon, the agency hopes that other international channels such as France 24 Arabic and English, BBC, BFM TV and Al Jazeera will also become clients.

A yearly access to the professional content costs between 15,000 Euros for websites broadcasters and 60,000 Euros for TV stations.

Subscribers of the service then log onto the professional video platform with a private password  - and can download newsreels directly on their computer with a speed that depends on their broadband access. Each video is tagged with a description, date, length and the video format. Broadcasters can then integrate videos into their TV news programmes and magazine in just a few clicks.

Adile Farquane, chief editor highlighted that videos are produced by local native journalists who know their local market. 'We are the voice and eyes of Africa made by Africans, our aim is to provide a balanced view of the continent's major news, issues, opportunities or threats. We have also made strong reports on positive moves and innovations across the continent. In-depth local knowledge of our journalists is a key differentiator'.

The online portal provides users with general information on what is going on in politics, culture, economics, sport, and societies of 56 African territories.

The agency is currently reviewing some potential bespoke programmes requested by its TV clients. This includes mobile content opportunities in African countries where 3/4G has been launched. is in talks with a number of African mobile operators to supply mobile-compatible video new feeds.

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