Ghanaian TV Stations Show Our Music Videos For Free


Controversial Ghanaian rapper, Kwaw Kese has sent a strong message to major Ghanaian TV stations regarding their ‘pay for play’ policy on music videos. The rapper contended that it should be the reverse of TV stations paying artists royalties for airing their music videos. “ If you can’t pay us for playing our videos, then you should at least play it for free”, Kwaw said.

The rapper made the comment when he made his first appearance on ‘Allo Tigo’ after his long standing ‘beef’ with the host of the weekend entertainment TV show, Jon Germain. Kwaw, had a media feud with Jon Germain a while back which lead to Kwaw making Jon his nemesis in his rather explicit video for ‘Killer Bewu Last Show’. The two made up officially and said there was no real beef between them.

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