AFCON Fans Diaries to air on Sky TV, UK, MultiTV Ghana


For the first time, Ghanaians based in the United Kingdom will get closer to the ''behind the scenes'' action at the ongoing AFCON 2013 tournament.

In a landmark agreement, two UK based TV stations Voxafrica and Klear TV have agreed to air 10 episodes of the Fans Diaries produced by Oxigen.

Fans Diaries, (inspired by Black Stars Diaries from Afcon 2006 in Egypt), is sponsored by energy giants Ghana National Petroleum Corportion (GNPC) and will also be aired on Multi TV.

The exciting semi-reality show captures the captivating drama, passion, and raw energy of football fans before, during and after Afcon 2013 matches.

In addition to following fans, the programme will also contain unedited scenes from the camp of arguably Ghana’s biggest international brand, the Black Stars.

Beyond sponsoring the national team which shares the same core values of team work, excellence and a rich history of successes, GNPC is also keen to extend their partnership with the people and communities by providing the access to the team through television.

According to the Executive Producer of Fans Diaries Yaw Ampofo Ankrah, GNPC's role at this critical stage in the team's quest for glory is not just timely, it is absolutely priceless.

''What is the point of having a national team if only a selected few are allowed to experience the feeling of belonging, joy and unity their own team is supposed to bring to them?

Ampofo Ankrah added ''This is why GNPC is fuelling the passion of the nation by supporting the national team with sponsorship and beyond that, making sure as many ordinary Ghanaians as possible share in this special passion''.

With support from Ghanaian waste management firm Zoomlion and exclusive decor company Vaniado, the show is set to wow audiences beyond Ghana.

The Fans Diaries will also be aired on prime Ghanaian media networks including eTV, Multi TV, TV3 and GTV which means that a potential audience of over 50 million viewers could have access to Fans Diaries in Ghana and globally.

A five member Ghanaian production crew has been in South Africa capturing exclusive footage on behalf of GNPC for the programme which is set to be a big hit.

With this new partnership between Oxigen World, Voxafrica and Klear tv, Ghanaians and African football lovers in the UK, parts of the middle east and North Africa will get a feel of the Ghanaian and the African way of supporting their football teams.

Viewers in Europe can access Voxafrica on channel 218 of the Sky digital platform with Klear TV on Sky channel 232.

The Oxigen Fans Diaries is sponsored by Ghana National Petroleum Corporation – GNPC

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