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South Africa: The National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) is a statutory body set up by government to grow and develop the South African Film and Video industry. The NFVF invites suitable companies to submit bids for the establishment of digital screen facilities in underserviced areas.

Multichoice Zambia has issued a letter after a customer registered a complaint regarding a faulty GOtv decoder. The letter highlights the decoders’ one (1) year warranty and the unstable and unregulated power supply that sometimes causes decoders to develop technical problems. When a decoder is left at any branches or agents, the letter encourages customers to get a receipt or any form of document. Read the letter here

Endangered Africa is a 13-episode documentary series focussing on saving the environment in Africa. CFI is offering its English-speaking partners these 60-minute episodes throughout the months of January, February, March and April 2013. Rarely given priority in the nations under scrutiny, it is however a crucial issue, with further-reaching ramifications than animal protection. With Africa undergoing changes at a frantic pace, especially in terms of urbanisation, issues such as deforestation, pollution, the preservation of traditional fishing methods and the risks of chaotic developments in tourism need to be addressed.
This programme produced by the African Environmental Film Foundation will be available for TV partners every Monday at 10.00 am GMT.