DStv: BBC Knowledge premieres critically acclaimed new David Attenborough documentary ‘Africa’


BBC Knowledge premieres ‘Africa’, a five-part landmark series from the BBC’s world-renowned National History Unit exclusively to South African audiences for the first time.

Each film focuses on a different region - the Great Cape, the Kalahari, the Serengeti, the Congo and the Sahara, where pivotal moments in animals’ lives are portrayed in a thrilling, dramatic way.

Narrated by the world’s best known natural history film maker David Attenborough, Africa explores five extraordinarily diverse regions of an amazing continent venturing into genuinely unexplored places for the first time to capture never-before-seen behaviour even of the most familiar wildlife, from exploding insects to lizards that hunt on the back of lions.

Using the latest in filming technology, including remote HD cameras, Africa takes you seamlessly from the wild terrain of extraordinary landscapes to intimate encounters with its mesmerising creatures. From the beauty and serenity of the soaring Atlas Mountains to the Cape of Good Hope, from the brooding jungles of the Congo to the raging Atlantic Ocean: experience unexplored rainforests, never before filmed mountain ranges and even snow-covered desert. Get eye-to-eye with unknown species and become re-acquainted with some of the planet’s best loved animals – behaving in ways that very few have ever seen.

As the dynamic tension between wilderness and wildlife plays out, the drama, beauty and power of this majestic land is revealed: prehistoric-looking shoebills fight for ascendancy, plucky lizards playfully hunt for food on the backs of their formidable feline companions and giraffes engage in ferocious battles.
Series producer James Honeyborne comments: “Our experienced team from the BBC’s Natural History Unit thought we’d seen it all before. We were wrong. Filming wildlife across the whole of Africa has become our toughest and most surprising assignment yet.”

The series, airing weekly on Sundays at 18.00 starting from 17th February 2013, exclusively on BBC Knowledge (DStv channel 184), is a unique expedition to the most extreme parts of a vast continent and offers truly intimate, eye-to-eye encounters with extraordinary wildlife.