Broadcast In Brief


- Big Brother Africa reaches one million likes on Facebook. Big Brother Africa has reached out to DStv viewers in a variety of innovative ways including the option for viewers to send messages directly to the screen of the live 24/7 broadcast, and in that way sharing their thoughts, opinions and feelings about the show directly with others watching in 47 countries. Produced for AfricaMagic by Endemol SA, Big Brother Africa currently has over 279 000 Twitter followers. In 2012, the show drew over 2.3 million messages to TV, over 2 million unique online browsers and 128 000 000 website page views. Full story here:

- According to Synovate data, Russia Today’s (RT) daily reach in the Republic of South Africa is 4.5 bigger than those of Deutsche Welle, France 24, and TV5 Monde taken together (Synovate EMS Africa, 2010). This is what shows on RT’s profile here . RT’s total view count on YouTube exceeds half a billion, making RT a world record setter and consequently nominated for a Global Communication Award in 2011.