Vod in Africa: Buni TV reaches 1 million views


Buni TV , one of Africa’s leading video-on-demand platforms, announced today that it had reached 1 million views.
About 60% of this traffic came from Africa, and 22% from North America and Europe.
“We are thrilled to report these numbers. One million views is a big milestone for Buni TV and an impressive number for an African start-up to reach in just 9 months,” said Buni TV Founder and CEO Marie Lora-Mungai.

Moreover, 33% of Buni TV’s total traffic – and 77% of new visits – originated from mobile devices, validating the platform’s bet to strongly target mobile users.
The platform, which makes top-quality African content available for African and diapora audiences on the web and on mobile, launched in April 2012.
Buni TV is a service of Buni Media, a multi-media company based in Nairobi, Kenya and Los Angeles, California. Buni Media is the production outlet behind The XYZ Show, Africa’s first political satire program featuring life-size latex puppets. The XYZ Show  reaches an audience of more than 8 million people every month through its various platforms.
For more information, contact press(at)bunimedia.com.