FESPACO 2013: Producers and TV channels to meet with Cote Ouest, leading distributor of TV content in Africa


Committed to serving Africa as leading distributor of TV content, COTE OUEST AUDIOVISUEL is proud to announce its presence at the 23th edition of FESPACO held in Ouagadougou from 23 February to 2 March 2013.
For its first participation in this great Pan-African film event, the leader in the distribution of television programs in Africa aims to position itself as the partner of choice for African producers, thereby contributing to the development of the audiovisual sector on the continent.
If COTE OUEST has historically distributed programmes from North to South, it has recently adopted a new strategy to increase its range of African programmes at the expense of foreign content that constituted the bulk of its catalogue.
Thus, starting from scratch the African content today represents about 35% of its current offers equivalent to about 3200 hours of programs including nearly 1000 African films and documentaries and close to 1700 hours of series.
This offer is proposed to COTE OUEST's clients network which represents more than 150 TV channels spread over nearly 80 markets, including 12 out of the African continent.
Finally, it is alongside several organisations working for the development of the 7th. Art in Africa that COTE OUEST is firmly committed to a process of inventory of old audiovisual pieces of works representing a priceless but under-exposed heritage; this process is about identifying major works, their rights owners and introducing them to the current distribution circuit.
COTE OUEST's sincere desire is to allow African audiovisual productions to benefit from the newly liberalised market.
Through this event's size, COTE OUEST's team sees an opportunity to develop new partnerships with the largest number of African producers, those of us who believe that the time of Afro-pessimism is over, and that it is time for Africa to show all its capabilities in this art and industry.

Let's meet up to talk about it!

To set up a meeting, find the contact details on COTE OUEST’s website