Uganda: Vision Group Cracks the Whip On Corrupt Staff

Regulation & Policy

Vision Group chief executive Robert Kabushenga has announced a campaign of zero-tolerance to corruption to ensure professionalism among the company's staff attached to the various platforms. Below is his statement:

I have decided to come clean with you, our readers/ audiences, to acknowledge publicly that indeed, there are some among our staff who are engaged in extortion either as blackmail or in return for guaranteeing favorable publicity.

This has now become an industry-wide problem and has reached widespread proportions. This is threatening to destroy our credibility and for this reason we, at Vision Group, are determined to deal with this problem on all our platforms - radio, television, newspapers, magazines and online.

Our newspapers are New Vision, Kampala Sun, Etop, Rupiny, Orumuri and Bukedde. The magazines are Flair for Her, Bride & Groom and City Beat. Our radios are Arua One, Radio West, XFM, Etop Radio and Radio Rupiny. We also have television stations; Urban, Bukedde and TV West.

By going public in this manner, I hope I can persuade you, our audiences, to work with us to remove this vice for the good of the industry.

On Tuesday morning, I got a call from a Dr. Mpoza Lwanga, who was extremely upset with two of our staff at Bukedde TV. In short, they had gotten him to pay money for a story about his graduation to run in our hugely popular news bulletin, Agataliiko Nfuufu, but nothing happened.

When our investigators caught up with the culprits, they claimed that they did not submit the story because Dr. Lwanga had not paid them the balance.

This is just one of the many stories that are now becoming public. Not so long ago, we dismissed two reporters for extorting money from the public. I have heard of cases where parents of children who perform well in examinations are charged money to appear on television and in our newspapers.

Then there are cases of companies or individuals, in need of publicity for their activities or who simply want their opinions published, being asked to pay money.

Of course there are quacks who pose as journalists and connive with unscrupulous individuals in security organizations and witchdoctors to extort cash from the public who find themselves in a spot of bother. This is absolutely wrong.