‘Africa needs own TV stations to correct misinformation’


Chief Executive Officer, Continental Broadcasting Services, Nigel Parsons, has emphasised the need for a pan-African television station to provide accurate information on the continent. He said only an African station could report correctly the true position of Africa and Africans.

Parsons said this in Lagos on Tuesday during a facility tour of TVC News, a new pan-African television station, billed to commence broadcasting soon.

He said, “For so long, issues concerning Africa and Africans have been overwhelmingly reported by the foreign media. We need to get a station that will run itself for the sake of Africa.

“African stories should not only be all about bad stories and tragedy; there should be more to Africa. We need to celebrate the culture, traditions and growth of Africa.

“We need to create a platform that will serve as a voice for Africa and Africans on the street to be heard on the global scene, with the core target comprising African people.”

He explained that creating TVC News – a 24-hour news channel, was to create an avenue for Africans living on the continent and in the Diaspora to be represented. He said, “We need an African news channels to tell the story from an African perspective. It is to celebrate African culture and beauty of Africa.

“We need a channel for the sub-Sahara Africa that will be bringing the latest news, breaking news and other informative programmes from across Africa and the world. TVC News was set up to look at the world through African eyes.”

Also, Operations Officer, CBS, Lemi Olalemi, said Africans deserved a meaningful station that would place importance on its existence.

“We are soft launching the TVC News on February 28; this will break the barrier of having to pay so much to get news. News is something that everybody should have free access to,” Olalemi said.