Broadcast - In Brief


- Rating agency Nielsen is to begin measuring online viewing in what is seen as a response to concerns by broadcasters that falling ratings could be attributed to viewers migrating to online without their views of content being measured. It will measure online viewing through broadband-enabled devices in the autumn, enabling it to track viewing of services such as Hulu. It will also be able to identify when viewers are watching subscription video-on-demand services including Netflix but will not be able to measure viewership of specific shows in most cases. Neilsen is also currently unable to track viewing on devices including tablets. Source: digitaltveurope

- For its 10 years, media group TRACE TV launches the first edition of its TRACE URBAN MUSIC AWARDS on 14 May 2013 in Paris.

- South Africa’s public TV channel SABC 2 launched its new on-air identity start of March 2013 as part of the channel's major brand refresh. Along with the new look comes a new focus for the channel which aims to inform all of its programming, public interactions and CSI initiatives; these are the six pillars: family, identity, health, education, jobs & careers, and world exposure.