Export of African audiovisual productions: 44,000 euros allocated by the OIF, 3 distributors


Aid recipients - OIF distribution of French-language works from the South:

•    Patou Films International (Cameroon / France): 15,000 euros
•    Holders of Images (Mauritius): 14,000 euros
•    Encounters Short Film Madagascar: 15,000 euros

Following a call for proposals, the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) supports the distribution of short films in the Indian Ocean and supports efforts to promote Patou Films International towards Asia. With a comprehensive budget of 44,000 euros allocated by the OIF, three operators in 2013 will ensure promotion of South francophone audiovisual works on international films and television programs markets.

The package of 44,000 euros has been allocated to three organizations for the promotion and distribution of films, including the Franco-Cameroonian Patou Films International and two associations to promote short films of Mauritius and Madagascar.

The Mauritian association ‘Porteurs d’Images’ ("Images Bearers" in English), already supported in 2011-2012 by the Francophonie, and ‘Rencontres Films Courts Madagascar’ will receive respectively 14 000 and 15 000 euros which will allow them to intensify their efforts in 2013 for the dissemination of short films from the Indian Ocean. The quality and originality of these films was recognized at the last festival in Clermont-Ferrand, including the official competition selection "zébu de Dadilahy" from Luck Razanajaona.

Productions from Madagascar and Mauritius will again be present in 2014 in Clermont-Ferrand (the largest festival and market of short films in the world). Before that, they will be offered in 2013 on the Busan market (South Korea), Durban (South Africa), Doha (Qatar) and Annecy (France), as well as over Africadoc meetings in Saint-Louis, Senegal . The Film Catalogue from Mauritius is already available on the website under the label "Filmbox."

The third largest recipient of this aid is Patou Films International. In its 2013 catalogue, one finds more more than fifty titles from Central and West Africa, including the feature documentary "Roger Milla". Patou Films International will market the works of African cinema in Ouagadougou, Beijing Film Market, at the Cannes’ Film Market, at ‘the Sunny Side of the Doc’ in La Rochelle and at the Shanghai Film Market. Of the eleven films and programs markets covered by aid four are in Asia as the "new frontier" for the export of African audiovisual productions.