Gabon, 15 + audience survey: TV5MONDE, first international generalist French TV channel


With a weekly cumulative audience of 36.1% and 92.9% of global awareness on the target 15 years old+, TV5MONDE is the first international generalist French TV channel in Gabon according to the latest TNS / Africascope * audience survey.

In addition, within the executives and managers’ segment, TV5MONDE rose by 12.7 points in weekly cumulative audience, with 58.7% in 2012 and 2.9 points in daily total audience, reaching 16%. On the same target, spontaneous awareness of TV5MONDE earns 7.4 points while its overall awareness stabilizes at 98.9%.



These performances, in addition to the marketing operations carried out by the channel in Gabon can also be explained by a decline in national TV channels in favor of international foreign channels with thematic information channels gaining particular interest available on the local DTT network since 2010.
Source: TNS / Africascope 2012 - audience measurement conducted from December 4 to 17, 2012 among a representative sample of 1105 individuals aged 15 + including 103 managers and executives, residing in Libreville. TV5MONDE - TNS / Africascope 2012 – 25 Feb. 2013.