South Africa: Provantage launches Transit.TV in-taxi ad network, targets 6.9 million viewers

Technology & Convergence

You might not have heard of Provantage, but there’s a good chance you’ve seen the company’s work. Provantage runs Airport.TV, a news and advertising service for airports. With the recent launch of Transit.TV, the company is extending its reach to train stations and taxis.

Transit.TV, will broadcast to over 1,100 HD displays and Provantage estimates a monthly average audience of 6.9-million viewers. The company is targeting South African inter-modal transport nodes as well as 600 in-taxi displays. Park station in Johannesburg is an example of such an inter-modal transport node where multiple forms of transport come together.

Transit.TV will broadcast to commuters in train stations on the concourse, in departure areas, food courts and on platforms. Within the rank and taxi environments Transit.TV will broadcast at taxi rank lanes and inside Quantum taxis. Provantage says that the Transit.TV channel is designed to optimise the dwell time in these viewing areas. The company believes commuter transit areas are ideal for advertising to the Living Standards Measure (LSM) 4-8 consumer.

The broadcast network will be managed and controlled from the Provantage head office in Randburg and will operate from 5am to 9pm every day of the week. Commercials will be updated daily while fresh news content will be updated hourly. The platform has the ability to provide regional splits for area specific programming and advertising.

The network will comprise 50% content and 50% advertising. 50% of the content will feature video (relevant music videos and other lifestyle and entertainment audio-visual) and 50% RSS information feeds (news, weather, sports and lifestyle segments). The station utilises a combination of 3G and Wifi to deliver content.