Algeria: The private television channels’ race


If there is an area that illustrates much disorder in the debate currently occurring in Algeria, it is the private television sector.

Small private channels have flourished in the Algerian audiovisual sector over the past year. While there is no law that can regulate the (private) audiovisual sector and while the advertising sector remains embryonic, the creation of private television has gone flat-out.

One can now count a dozen channels that have a storefront. There are of course Ennahar TV and Echourouk TV, affiliated with two major Arabic dailies which are doing a great breakthrough in viewership, but there are also some other channels that nobody knows details of, nether in terms of shareholding nor in terms of editorial entities. This is the case with TV Dzair, El Djazairia, Numedia News TV, TV Index and Hogar TV (…).

According to some informed sources in Algiers, some of these channels are also under financial difficulties.