Senegal: Africa 7 director proposed by Magloire Delcros-Varaud


From a reliable source, Godlove Kamwa will be the head of Africa 7 at the request of MagloireDelcros-Varaud, who now heads the Holding across Africa.

With a roadmap defined by his superiors, Godlove will serve as acting head of the company, pending further developments. Godlove will act under the orders of Magloire Delcros Varaud, known for his experience in French media groups M6 and NRJ.

To its roadmap, the first project is to find ways to prevent the group from sinking. It is for this reason that the new leaders felt an urgent need to convene all employees of the media group to look at the settlement of wage arrears.

Our source reveals that "all measures have been taken to ensure that wages are paid in the coming days. This is the priority of the new owners of the group Africa 7 TV and radio."

Regarding other appointments, Fatimetou Deyna Sow has landed at the Direction of Communication of the channel.