Rwanda: KCC donates TVs and PCs to 50 villages


The City of Kigali, on Wednesday, donated a flat screen television set and a desktop computer to each of the 50 villages in the outskirts of the city to help the citizens remain updated.

The gadgets are to be placed under what is being termed as "Knowledge Room" in each village, and will be accessed by all free of charge.

The benefitting villages were drawn from the three urban districts; Gasabo (20 villages), Nyarugenge (14 villages) and Kicukiro where the programme was launched with the distribution of the facilities to 16 villages.

The television screens have cable signal, while the computers are connected to the Internet.

The launch was held at Nyarurama cell office, Kicukiro district, but the idea, according to city officials, is to eventually work to ensure all households in the city have access to television and Internet.

Kigali City mayor Fidele Ndayisaba said the programme aims at helping Rwandans to have updated information about the various government programmes and what is going on in the world.

"Use this technology to keep updated and to develop by yourselves," the mayor told the residents.

"ICT is the key driver to development. This is the way of helping them to develop as they already had the fundamental infrastructure such as electricity and roads," Ndayisaba said.

He said leaders will help look after the equipment and be responsible for meeting operational charges such as Internet cost.

The facilities were donated in partnership with Tigo Rwanda.

"We're grateful for being able to partner in initiatives that keep Tigo close to the people and that could potentially change the lives of entire communities," said Diego Camberos, the Tigo Rwanda chief executive officer.

He said such initiatives are ideal platforms for Rwandans to stay connected with the world and develop new skills as a community.

The event was also attended by the Minister for Youth and ICT, Jean Philbert Nsengimana.