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Regulation & Policy

- On March 19, 2013 APO reported that Togolese police fired rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse journalists protesting new censorship authority granted to the government media regulator, according to news reports and local journalists. One journalist, Younglove Egbéboua Amavi, manager of Radio Planete Plus and head of another local press group, sustained a fractured jawbone and mouth injuries after being hit by a rubber bullet. Amavi’s daughter told CPJ her father had metal wires attached to his jaw and could not eat or speak. She said he required surgery.
The overwhelming majority of the Togolese media on Tuesday observed a blackout to protest against the law strengthening the administrative and disciplinary powers of the Supreme Audiovisual and Communication Authority (HAAC), the media regulatory body. Source: All Africa

- Somali police attacked and obstructed more than a half-dozen journalists who were seeking to cover a rape trial in Mogadishu on Saturday, as authorities continue to struggle in meeting law enforcement and free expression demands in sexual assault cases. Source: The Committee to Protect Journalists, 13/3/2013.

- King Mswati III of Swaziland will be given the powers to take over all radio and television stations in the kingdom, if a Bill before Parliament becomes law. Full story here

- Namibia: Clients of the satellite television operator DigiSat are up in arms because they claim they are being charged for services they did not receive. The Namibian spoke to a representative of DigiSat who explained that DigiSat provides installation of satellites, decoders and smart cards. They provide three packages which each have 72 channels, but differ on the length of the contract, the shortest being three years. The company has been operating since 2009 and have up to 2 000 customers and a staff of only five people. The upset customers took their complaints to the Anti-Corruption Commission, where they were advised to open a civil case of theft under false pretences. Full story here: