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Technology & Convergence

- Kenya: Sales of digital set-top boxes, which went on sale in Jan. 2013, have been sluggish. The boxes are required to convert digital terrestrial broadcasting signals so that that the East African country can switch off analogue broadcasts before the International Telecommunication Union’s mid-2015 deadline. Source: Business Daily, Feb 2013.

- Fespaco 2013 has been criticized by filmakers for not accepting digital film entries. Read the full story in French here

- Rwanda, March 2013: Tunga TV, an initiative which aims at broadening TV coverage in the country, was launched in Gisagara, Southern province. The initiative aims at driving Rwanda to go digital and increase TV viewers in different corners of the country. Tunga TV ('Own a TV') will make available affordable TV sets and decoders for a package of more than 6 channels. A number of 700 community TV viewing centers have today received TV sets accompanied by decoders from the public broadcaster Orinfor. They will be able to watch 6 channels, to become 8 in a month's time and 32 in July. The 8 channels, which are free, include RTV, TV10, Al Jazeera, France 24 (English and French) and TV5.

- Tanzania government stated categorically that it would not tolerate talks of going back to analogue broadcasting, but media owners still want their plea to have analogue run alongside digital television broadcasting to be considered.
At a news conference in Dar es Salaam, Media Association of Tanzania (MOAT) Chairman, Mr Reginald Mengi, said owners of television stations were not against digital broadcasting. "We have invested millions of dollars in the new technology and we support it, what we are asking from the government is to give citizens more time to get prepared," Mr Mengi, flanked by other media owners, said. Full story here