Cape Verde TV distributed by Thema/Eutelsat in Africa and in Europe


Cape Verde TV has chosen Thema to act as its exclusive distributor in Europe.

The acquisition of a playout dedicated to the international signal of the channel, the installation of a broadcast station in Cape Verde, and the signal uplink on satellite Eutelsat W2A 10 °E enabling TCV International to be available henceforth in Africa and in Europe were made possible thanks to THEMA’s risk-taking and technical investments. Above all, the result of this ambitious project is to offer Cape Verdean immigrated communities the possibility to keep a link with their roots and to pass on their beautiful traditions.

After having identified communities’ locations worldwide and markets where ethnic offers are booming, Thema has started commercial negotiations with operators.

Upcoming launches are to be scheduled in Portugal, the country with the largest diaspora community of Cape Verdians in Europe, and will be supported by tailored communication and marketing plans.

A lot of TV channels trust Thema for its expertise, transparency, responsiveness and capacity to implement complex technical patterns that have successfully lead to the creation, negotiation, distribution and promotion of their contents worldwide.

For further information, Thema’s distribution and marketing teams remain at your disposal. Contact: - 0033 (0) 1 83 62 78 32 (in Paris-France).