Zimbabwe: Police Go Door-to-Door Searching for Radios

Regulation & Policy

Police in Rusape went door-to-door to houses belonging to known MDC-T supporters, in search of shortwave radios. But the MP for Makoni South said they found nothing.

Pishai Muchauraya said the morning raids saw police officers go in groups of three to MDC-T homes in Gandanzara, 'demanding radios distributed by Pishai.'

The MP said the orders given to the police to mount these raids could only have come from a political party that has failed.

'Madofo vanhu veZANU PF, (those ignorant people from ZANU PF) they think radios will make them win elections. In each of the house they went, the police said they were looking for radios that were distributed by me as if they ever saw me giving it the radios,'

'These are desperate measures from a desperate party that is headed for a crushing defeat at the polls, barring any political violence,' Muchauraya said.

Last week the police ordered a ban on the possession of shortwave radios, saying they are being used to communicate hate speech ahead of next month's constitutional referendum and elections set to be held later this year.

Wind-up, solar-powered radios sets have been distributed by some NGOs to rural communities, where villagers have established listening clubs to tune in to popular independent stations such as Studio 7 and SW Radio Africa. The broadcasts are produced by experienced exiled Zimbabwean journalists based in Europe and the US.