Malawi broadcaster demands top notch equipment to replace outdated items

Technology & Convergence

Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) has asked government to consider procurement of new state of the art equipment to replace the existing old and damaged ones that are short-changing its operations.

Evance Namanja, chairperson at the broadcaster said although they were celebrating 15 years of Radio 2 existence, the broadcaster, in particular television, had outdated, damaged and pathetiuc equipment.

“This is making us not meet the publics’ expectations. We have engaged with the Ministry of Information over this matter and am positive that they will do something. Our equipment is either very old or broken down making our work difficult in most cases,” he revealed. An engineer at the television sector said they only have two working video cameras, four sets of computers and one studio for all the programming.

“Imagine it is only one camera that can work inside and outside and this is the one mostly used on foreign presidential trip coverages. The other one can only work outside and its a challenge to have all the programming done in one studio,” he lamented.

The broadcaster has now and again highlighted it is poorly equipped, making it come last in quality and deadlines perhaps across the southern African region.

However, a few years ago the Chinese government donated some state-of-the-art video cameras, and with the current problems and revelations, it is a wonder where all these cameras have gone to in a short period of time.

Despite the challenges, television has made strides, including migrating to digital satellite television (DStv) on channel 295 on DTH, IS20 platform, in stride with other national broadcasters in the region courtesy of Multichoice Malawi.