Upcoming ZIFF 2013 is introducing a Short-Film Script Competition


Zanzibar International Film Festival - ZIFF 2013 is introducing a Short-Film Script Competition as an extension to its Film Workshop Program. Filmmakers from East Africa (Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi) were invited to submit their scripts, which shall evolve around aspects of the East African Integration process.

The filmmakers of the selected scripts will be invited to participate in a script-writing workshop during ZIFF 2013 (June 29-July 7) in Zanzibar. The training will involve understanding essential elements of screenwriting – dramatic concept, meaning, story structure, character arcs, genre, dialogue and visual writing as well as script development processes, script editing, defining the characters, casting, imagining the look through the budget.

The script competition and the subsequent script-writing training is sponsored by GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) in cooperation with the East African Community and ZIFF with the aim to interest East African filmmakers to take up the many facets of East African integration into their films.
ZIFF, EAC and GIZ are looking for scripts in which filmmakers use innovative techniques to tell their stories about the East African Integration process. The Short-Film Script Competition is an event that creates opportunities for filmmakers to show  their creative skills and pitch their film ideas to producers and broadcasters.

5 filmmakers from the region (1 from each of the  EAC Partner States) will be selected to attend the script-writing training based on the quality of the pitched script. Mr Femi Kayode, eminent scriptwriter, assisted by a local scriptwriter, will lead the training.

During the festival, as part of the training, 3 entries will be selected by a Panel of Specialists for development and pitching to a commissioning editors. No discussion will be entered into regarding the selection of the winning pitch, and the panelists decision is final. The winning film will be awarded $1000, sponsored by the EAC-GIZ cooperation programme.

The slate of scripts will be announced 3 weeks ahead of the start of the Festival. The selected filmmakers will be required to travel to Zanzibar for the duration of the training. Travel costs (flights, accommodation and per-diem) will be sponsored by GIZ.