Benin: ORTB modernises its flagship programmes


Several flagship programmes broadcast by the ORTB, Benin's national public TV channel, recently benefited from a CFI expertise and skills transfer initiative.

From 4 to 15 March 2013, director Pascal Hendrick and producer Jean Pierrard provided their expertise and experience to help modernise the channel’s national news and magazine programmes. The workshop was attended by no fewer than 20 directors, journalists, presenters and technicians.

Without changing the original concept of the programmes and using existing technical resources, the two French experts put forward ideas designed to revamp and freshen up the news programme along with a couple of the channel's most popular offerings: “Music Box”, a magazine programme devoted to music, and "Portez-vous bien", a programme focused on health issues.

With the support of CFI’s experts, the ORTB teams clarified their production processes and re-worked their organisation to bring about better coordination and greater efficiency. Practical workshops also inspired participants to create more appealing visual identities and to edit their material more effectively.

In the words of Pascal Hendrick, who co-led the training session, “the solutions we’re suggesting are designed to be adapted to each particular programme; it's training by example. And when the example happens to be the channel's most popular programme, it's got a great chance of being seen!"