South Mediterranean: Database promotes films to distributors


With a few clicks, search for film projects supported by Euromed Audiovisual
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A new database shows filmmakers and producers who developed their film projects as part of four of the six training initiatives funded by the European Union's Euromed Audiovisual III programme in the South Mediterranean region.
It not only allows the European Commission to directly view the beneficiaries of its funding, but also encourages international film festival programmers to discover films being produced in the region.

With a few clicks, you can now find out more about documentary film projects from the region that took part in DOCmed and Greenhouse, and narrative feature projects that took part in Med Film Factory in 2011 and 2012, as well as those producers who learnt about producing films in the digital era during Access 2012.

You can search for information by typing in a director or producer's name, or the title of a film project. You can also choose a country or a training initiative, or select "documentary" or "feature film", to see groups of beneficiaries.

Type in "Jordan" for example. Eight names pop up. Click on "Rula Nasser". After working on a BBC series shot in Jordan in 2000, the Jordanian producer then joined the Royal Film Commission in 2006 and helped set up film clubs around the country. She produced Mohammad Hushki's Transit Cities (FIPRESCI award and Jury Prize in Dubai in 2010) and Yahya Al Abdallah's The Last Friday (three awards in Dubai in 2011), and is now working on Kuski's new project, Coloured Feathers. A simple click on the project's name reveals that it is still in development.

But several other films, developed during Euromed Audiovisual-funded training intiatives over the last few years, have already been completed, such as Khalil Elmuzayen's Gaza 36 mm, that made its premiere in Beirut this week, and Zahra Mackaoui and Ismail Elmokadem's Democracy Camp. Euromed Audiovisual is hoping that some of them will screen during Millenium, the Brussels International Documentary Festival, from April 31 to May 9.

The Euromed Audiovisual team now aims to update the database by contacting not only this year's Access, DOCmed, Med Film Factory, and Greenhouse participants, but also those who took parts in the training initiatives supported by Euromed Audiovisual I from 2000 to 2005 and Euromed Audiovisual II from 2006 to 2009.

These earlier beneficiaries notably include Emad Bernat and Guy Davidi, who co-directed Oscar-nominated documentary Five Broken Cameras.

Participants old and new are encouraged to regularly update the Euromed Audiovisual team on their project's stage of development by writing to, so that the database can be up-to-date.