Mauritania: digital switch no longer a mirage in a reform context

Technology & Convergence

The Mauritanian authorities have been issued with a practical guide to the digital switchover in sub-Saharan Africa.

On 24 March 2013, the Mauritanian Prime Minister, Moulaye Ould Mohamed Laghdaf, received a CFI delegation consisting of the ambassador for foreign audiovisual media, Louis de Broissia, Ivory Coast expert Jean Martial Adou, and Etienne Rougerie, responsible for projects at CFI, in the presence of the French ambassador in Mauritania, Hervé Besancenot.

It was on this occasion that the Mauritanian authorities were issued with the practical guide to the digital switchover in sub-Saharan Africa.

In order to support TDM, Mauritania's TV broadcasting company created last July for the purposes of the forthcoming digital switchover, CFI's experts co-led an awareness-raising day focusing on issues relating to the transition process. Louis de Broissia, who managed the digital switchover in France, will talk about his experience of the transition process. Jean Martial Adou, in charge of the project for Ivory Coast, will share his thoughts on legislative matters with his Mauritanian counterparts.

The CFI delegation met with key players from Mauritania's audiovisual industry, including the Parliament communications and relations minister Hamdi Ould Mahjoub, who has spent several years spearheading reforms aimed at expanding Mauritania's audiovisual landscape.  For several months now Mauritania has boasted two private television stations, and three new broadcasting permits were recently granted by the frequency allocation authority.

“The switchover to digital television is an opportunity for Mauritania, as it’s happening at the same time as we're reforming the national audiovisual landscape and adopting a more international outlook," the minister stated.

The Mauritanian authorities have asked CFI for legal and technical assistance to support it with its digital transition scheduled in Africa for June 2015.