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Technology & Convergence

- In 2012, YouTube views in South Africa increased by 80%, whilst the number of video uploads grew by 30%, according to Jared Molko, YouTube partnership manager at Google South Africa. In Sub-Saharan Africa, YouTube views rose by 90% and video uploads grew by 40% from the previous year, with South Africa leading the region with the most playbacks. Read the full story here

- Main uses of Internet in Kenya is a cause for concern to the media: According to the second Julisha report 59 per cent of internet users in Kenya access the web to download movies, images and music, as well as watch television. Read the full story here

- A media owners body in the country is demanding that the local regulator revert back to analogue, three months after Tanzania switched to digital broadcast transmission. Media owners of Tanzania (MOAT) argue that half of all TV owners only have blank screens as the costs of set-top boxes are ‘too expensive’. Read the full story here