Major boost for local content development in President Kenyatta’s speech to opening session of Parliament

Regulation & Policy

The growing importance of Kenya’s electronic media and creative content industries was emphasised in President Kenyatta’s speech to the opening session of Parliament in which he said his government would introduce legislation to increase the required level of local content for local free-to-air TV channels from 40% to 60%.

Referring to the recent international accolades for Kenyan, productions, he gave a great boost to Kenya’s creative arts industry by stating in no uncertain terms the vital role the sector has to play in the economy: “Kenyans who have received international recognition have shown that investing in the arts and entertainment sectors will not only create jobs. It will boost tourism and promote our culture around the world.”

He also announced that a national lottery would be introduced to fund creative arts and sports.

The new government’s focus on the creative arts and broadcasting will heighten the relevance of this year’s Broadcast, Film & Music Africa Conference, taking place at Nairobi’s prestigious Kenyatta international Conference Centre over 26-27 June. Content development will be a major focus of the conference, which bills itself as “The Business & Technology Event for Creative Content & Electronic Media in Africa”. Over 80 local and international experts will be making presentations, participating in panel discussions or leading training workshops over the two-day event, attendend by over 1,000 film, broadcast and content development professionals from throughout the continent.

For further details, see - Press release, 17 April 2013