Kenya's First Series Shot Entirely Using A Phone!


The trend for shooting videos through mobile phones has come to Kenya.

Enter Phoney, a new series about to hit the streets! According to the trailer, it's a concotion of love, lust, deceit, betrayal, back stabbing and all those yummy words that get you hooked! Now the thing about this series is, it was shot using a phone. Yes people, a phone! Nokia N8.

According to, how it will work is a link will be uploaded online (small enough a size for mobile phones) for people to download and watch.

This is what I gleaned from the youtube trailer: 'Kenya's First Mobile TV Drama Series starring Veronica Waceke, Wanjiku Mburu, Martin Githinji, Victoria Gichora. Camera/phone work by Gambino, director: Nice Githinji, Producer: Nice Githinji/ Malcolm Ouma. Shot in entirety using a Nokia N8 Phone.'