African Vision Exchange supports North-South cooperation


African Vision Exchange (AVE) is a learning and network programme in which Europe-based Film Festivals explore the artistic, educational and creative potential of African and African diaspora film. The exchanging and learning in AVE focuses on the various European African film festivals practices that have emerged in the last twenty years. AVE researches the innovative programming and educational actions for adult audience groups to learn from new and surprising narratives of the African continent and African diaspora communities in the rest of the world, including those African diaspora communities living in our European cities.

AVE also explores the medium of African film as a tool for enhancing respect among various cultures living in European cities, social inclusion and cultural creative participation of citizens in society. At the same time this project aims at creating more support and involvement of relevant stakeholders on European level and potential local partners with African and African diaspora film.

The AVE project is organized by Africa in Motion, Africa in the Picture (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Afrika Film Festival (Leuven, Belgium) and African Film Festival of Cordoba (Spain) who will work together from September 2012 till July 2014 on various issues such as cross-border collaboration, education, film circulation, policy, archiving, guest programming, cultural entrepreneurship, promotional and audieunce outreach activities. During the project the AVE partnership will expand the learning network to a broader group of African film festivals and initiatives operating in Europe.

In the course of the project a broader list of festivals and initiatives participating in AVE will be added on this page as well as the coming AVE network activities.

AVE is made possible by the EU Grundtvig Life Long Learning Programme.