African producers will pitch their programs at BFMA Nairobi


On 26, 27th June 2013, BFMA Expo in Nairobi will host several Pavilions and Special Features as an ideal event for local filmakers to propose their programme catalogue and meet with broadcast and cinema distributors.

Film-Makers will get the opportunity to unite and offer their content to audiovisual broadcasters distributors who will save travel costs and buy content in bulk.

In addition, a networking event is scheduled at 5pm on Thursday 16 May 2013 in the Bustani Room, Parklands Sports Club.

Pavilions will include:

*    The Kenya Film-Makers Pavilion, under the auspices of the Kenya Film Commission, to showcase 28 film start-ups and SMEs
*    The Animators Pavilion, organised in partnership with the Association of Animation Artistes, to showcase 12 animation start-ups
*    The Africa Media Business Exchange, organised in partnership with FilmBiz Africa and The Growth Hub, to provide a showcase area for 34 creative content start-ups to showcase their products and business ideas to 20 investment funds and angel investors and their production ideas to commissioning editors.
*    The BFMA Preview Cinema, to provide viewing opportunities for African film-makers to showcase their features, documentaries and short movies.

Other features include:

*    The Training & Education Pavilion, for universities and other training institutions providing courses for the sector.

*    The BFMA Sound Stage, which will have life performances by new music acts and artists each day of the conference pre-conference, during lunch and each evening.
*    Training Workshops: Two Workshop Rooms will each have training programmes throughout the conference with local and international experts sharing knowledge and expertise in a series of practical workshops.
*    The BFMA Exhibition of leading local and international suppliers of equipment and service providers to the film, broadcast and music industries.

To find out more, contact Aitec Africa