Cannes Film Market: Kenya is going to have its own Pavilion


This year, the Cannes Film Market has offered to focus on Kenya.This provides a great opportunity for Kenya and specifically the Film industry to expose its work, connect and network with the rest of the world. Kenya as a country of focus, will provide an opportunity for the Kenyan Film Makers to promote local film productions, access professional training that will be provided at Cannes Film Festival, access international commercial distribution firms, participate at the filmmakers’ networking sessions, and sign MoU for student exchange programs for our local universities.

For the first time this year, from the 15th to the 26th of May, the Kenya Film Commission is happy to announce that Kenya is going to have its own Pavilion, where Kenyan producers, filmmakers and professionals of the film industry will be welcome to showcase their work and run their professional meetings. This effort has been taken in accordance to the signed cooperation agreement and to maximize on the great opportunity that Kenya has been offered by France to be the Country in Focus at the Cannes Film Festival where Kenya will showcase its creative dynamism within the artistic and economic field.

A Producer’s Network forum organised by the Cannes Film Market is going to take place on 19th May, 2013. Six Kenyan producers have been invited and fully sponsored to participate in the Producer’s Network forum by the Kenyan and French Government. The forum is expected to provide a platform for the producers to talk,expose the cinematographic industry of Kenya and showcase their work to about thirty French and internationally renowned film producers interested in African projects. The event will enable our young and experienced film professionals to broaden their scope of film distribution and expertise on film production, exchange of information, access to international financial support, and finding co-producers.