Distribution - In Brief


- From April 23 to April 28 2013, TRACE Africa (channel 581) was clear on French telecoms network SFR. TRACE channels are part offers "Select" and "Big Show" bouquet of SFR. Audience can find big names in African music on ‘TRACE Africa’.

- Cannes Film Festival: The National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) will once again host the screenings of proudly South African films, namely ‘Blitz Patrollie’, ‘Black South Easter’ and ‘Khumba’.

- AiM is committed to showing Scottish audiences the brilliance of African cinema, and screening contemporary African films which do not gain general distribution in the UK and therefore would not otherwise be seen. In line with this AiM has partnered with Aya Distribution, a sales and distribution company with a particular focus on African films. The AiM team is working with Aya in order to encourage the sustainable release of African films in to the market, thus supporting and encouraging the growth of regional and national film businesses.  AiM is also working with VOD platforms such as Africanfilm.tv to extend its online media presence.

- As from 12 May at 18h00, SABC3 will begin broadcasting the first two seasons of the international documentary series, Planet Earth, described as the most ambitious project the BBC’s Natural History Unit has ever undertaken.