Investment - In Brief


- A screening of anti-xenophobia films were been held by the Johannesburg based non- governmental organisation, African Diaspora Forum, on 18 May to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the victims of the 2008 xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

-Feathered Dreams, starring Nollywood's Omoni Oboli, is the first film produced in Ukraine with African film markets in mind.  The company behind the film Kiev-based Highlight Pictures has also produced such feature films as Lovers in Kiev and Synevir. Feathered Dreams is based on a true story of Sade, a young medical student from Nigeria who dreams of a career as singer. Challenged by many circumstances of life as a foreign student in Kiev, Sade perseveres with confidence and supported by her Ukrainian boyfriend Denis.

- Supported by DSTV and the National Film and Video Foundation, and representing South Africa at the global market, the Blitz Patrollie team returned home from Cannes’ 2013 festivities with news of the conclusion of the film’s deal with sales and production company Picture Tree International.