A 3D Animation from Ivory Coast


After South African 3D film “Jock of the Bushveld”, another 3D animation this time comes from Ivory Coast as a 65 minutes production called “PoKou Princesse Ashanti”.

Long told in school curriculum, the legend of Abla Poku, Ashanti princess is now in 3D Animation /cinema version. It is an initiative of Afrikatoon specializing in 2D and 3D animation.

In the eighteenth century, in the kingdom of Ashanti, which covers two-thirds of the current Ghana, people saw the princess Abla Poku. As a very influential advisor to King Opokou Warê, she is opposed to war.

But Poku is a serious obstacle to the path of the old warrior Kongouê Bian who adopted witchcraft. Power-hungry, he attempts a coup against the king, his best friend and gets rid of the legitimate heir to the throne.

Through her charisma and mystical powers, princess Poku managed to avoid a war between pro Ashanti and those opposed to the regime imposed by Kongouê Bian.

She prefers exile than confrontation. Kongouê Bian starts to chase her. He is determined to prevent the prophecy to come true: that a woman will lead a kingdom as powerful as the Ashanti kingdom.

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