Discussing sport and the media in Africa


Sport and the media in Africa was the topic addressed by CFI expert Eric Falaizeau at a seminar attended by African sports journalists and organised by the ‘Africa International Sports Convention’ (CISA) in Dakar on 2 and 3 May 2013.

This international conference was attended by sports journalists from five different countries in West Africa. It was organised in collaboration with the Senegalese Ministry of Sport and the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ACNOA).

The gathering contributed to the development of sport in Africa with its platform to foster discussion, in which experts from both Africa and the wider international community could share their vision and experience.
CFI was called on to bring its expert knowledge to the seminar.

CFI expert, Eric Falaizeau, shared his vast experience in televised sport, especially the Tour de France and the Tour du Faso, with his African counterparts.

Eric Falaizeau commented that "my African colleagues asked how to come up with new angles on sports events, how to help viewers connect to the excitement of a competition when the media cannot send a team to cover the event on-site, how to foster viewer loyalty etc.  They have to make up for a lack of resources by deploying more creative flair".