Monetising TV programmes in East Africa


The state broadcasting corporations in Tanzania (TBC), Kenya (KBC), Namibia (NBC) and Zambia (ZNBC) have asked CFI, as the media cooperation operator for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for support optimising their advertising revenue.

From 22 to 23 April 2013, former director of France Télévisions Publicité International Pierre-Paul Vander Sande shared his experience and know-how regarding the leveraging and monetisation of our TV partners' programmes.

The course was attended by directors in three separate lines of business (programming, marketing and sales) from each of the TV channels.
Pierre-Paul Vander Sande pointed out that "It is important to meet up in order to upgrade the commercial appeal of the programmes".

The workshops addressed the marketing approach to the programme schedule, seeking for advertisers, the workings of an advertising department and optimising advertising revenue.

"CFI supports its TV partners in order to generate private resources in light of the growing number of competing channels on the African market” said Pierre Jalladeau, CFI Programme Director.