Regulation & Policy - In brief

Regulation & Policy

- In April 2013, the Tanzanian government agreed to temporarily halt the second phase of migration from analogue to digital television broadcasting to assess impact of the first phase to the public after a meeting between the ministry for Communication, Science and Technology and the Parliamentary Committee on Infrastructure on Wednesday. Credit: Daily News

- Liberia is preparing to bid farewell to analogue technology by 2015 to it allow it adapt to the new digital system (including DTT) sweeping across the globe. In April 2013, the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications announced a major policy directed to the enhancement of a digital migration process that is to be completed by June 2015.

- On 3 June 2013, eleven private broadcasters rejected the Draft Digital Migration Policy (incl. DTT), developed by Zambia's Ministry of Information. In a letter dated 3 June 2013 and published by the Zambian Watchdog, the broadcasters stated that the policy proposes a number of provisions that are prejudicial to their interests.

- Cameroon: Police jailed Charles Fils Elangue, head of the culture desk at private broadcaster ABK TV, in New Bell prison immediately after a court tribunal handed him a 12-month suspended prison sentence and a fine of 500,000 CFA francs (US$1,010), according to Elangue and local news reports. Elangue was also ordered to pay 2 million CFA francs (US$4,000) in damages to Lisa Anye, the plaintiff and wife of local musician Francis Victor Njoh, better known as Njohreur, according to the same sources.