A brand new reality series produced by Ochre Moving Pictures, starting on kykNET


New reality series 'Nege Maande' follows the lives of nine mothers of varying ages, backgrounds, in diverse social situations. For some their pregnancy is the happiest experience ever, for many it’s a huge adjustment, and for others it is a time of uncertainty and introspection. Twelve dynamic television episodes will document this human experience – the highs and lows, joys, surprises, disappointments... and the family drama!
It’s not only about pregnancy: the series delivers strong social commentary on the everyday decisions of contemporary Afrikaans-speaking South Africans when it comes to being pregnant and giving birth.

Ochre’s development guru Rebecca Fuller-Campbell came up with the idea when she was pregnant. “I was keen to know more about other womens’ experiences and the journey they were going through. Of course, there’s a lot on the web, but I couldn’t find many authentic South African voices that told me that story.” The genre was a key decision. “Reality television is the perfect vehicle for this kind of exploration,” she says.

Nege Maande is not just a television series. It is also a social media experience that puts more of the reality back into the genre. The Nege Maande website www.negemaande.co.za gives information, tips and practical advice on pregnancy and motherhood. In addition, the nine mothers blog daily and weekly on their Facebook pages to share their trials and tribulations online. To access, simply type the mother’s name and Nege Maande into the search field and like their fan page. Fans can also contribute to the participants' pregnancy experience by exchanging stories and sharing anecdotes of this special time in their lives.

Nege Maande is Ochre’s latest branded content initiative and the series is part-funded through sponsorship.

Stan Joseph CEO, Ochre Moving Pictures: “Nege Maande is an exciting original branded content property that we have developed. We are excited that kykNET saw this series as a companion reality show in their successful Thursday night slot, that is home to popular shows like Kokkedoor and Boer Soek ‘n Vrou. We are also delighted by the support we received from our sponsors Huggies and Elizabeth Anne/Purity.”

The series is produced by Anton Burggraaf and a team of dedicated reality television filmmakers.

Join Ochre in celebrating this magnificent adventure as we follow nine mothers until they give birth… on TV!

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