Kenya: Sony Introduces New Home Cinema System and 3D HD Led TV

Technology & Convergence

Sony has introduced two new products to the Kenyan market. Adding to its range of home entertainment products Sony has launched a new Home Cinema System, the BDV-N9900SH, which features the revolutionary 'Football Mode.'

With this new feature Sony is set to provide home owners with an authentic cinema and sports experience in the comfort of their own homes, by bringing the excitement of a big match directly to customers through an entertainment system that uses acoustic data captured at an international stadium to immerse customers in the action. Football Mode allows one to mute the commentator at the touch of a button, and also enhances enjoyment of other sports like rugby, tennis or motorsport.

The modern design of the BDV-N9900SH is inspired by the cut-glass edges and gleaming facets of rock crystal, instantly adding presence to any living space and giving it a sense of refined, understated style. Its confidently sculpted lines echo the "Sense of Quartz" styling that's signature to this year's BRAVIA range of 4K and LED TVs. Other than having the ability to provide premium sound quality and easy connectivity with other devices at home, the N-series home cinema system is complemented by 4K up-scaling capabilities, making a night in front of the TV feel like a trip to the movies.

The N-series speaker units feature Sony's revolutionary Magnetic Fluid Speaker technology by using an advanced Ferro-fluid material developed by NASA for its space programme. With this technology, the ground-breaking speakers are able to achieve more accurate, revealing sound - even at high volume levels. The latest Magnetic Fluid Speakers come with a new glass fibre woofer that enhances efficiency and reduces weight of the voice coil, diaphragm and edge. Techies will instantly notice the difference provided by detail-packed dialogue, clearer, cleaner music and rich focused bass all packed in lightweight design.

With an option for floor-standing speakers with the BDV-N9900SH speakers, users can choose their ideal Home Cinema System according to their furniture arrangements or space capacities at home. The home cinema system also features Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth® capabilities, allowing users to touch their NFC- and Bluetooth®-enabled Android devices briefly against the Home Cinema System and instantly stream crystal-clear music wirelessly from their mobile devices for the perfect soundtrack to set the mood for the party or that romantic dinner for two.

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