Kenya: 8th season of XYZ Show back on airwaves


After a couple months of break, The XYZ Show is back on the Kenyan airwaves with its 8th season premiering this Sunday August 4th at 7:30pm on NTV and on Buni TV at

Season 7 ended with the announcement of the new government and much has happened since, which promises to provide hilarious fodder for the show.

"From the Jubilee Government to the Corded Opposition, from the devolution government to devil-ution by governors, from the MPs in the Senate to the Mpigs in the National Assembly, The XYZ Show Season 8 will lay it bare for you! The more the government change the more it stays the same!" said Gado, the creator of the show.

Fans can also expect the show to introduce new puppets to reflect the new characters, such as the Mpigs, that have made their entry on the Kenyan political scene in recent months.