Benin: a second TV channel devoted to development?


The Office de Radiodiffusion et Télévision du Bénin (ORTB) has asked for the support of CFI in defining the editorial and visual strategies of a second TV channel devoted to development.

From the 17 to 21 June 2013, Françoise Tassera the former director of programming for TF1 and France 2 and currently an independent consultant, lent her experience concerning coherent programming and a visual identity for the new channel in view of local competition.

After discussion and reflection on the editorial line and goals of this new thematic channel, our expert accompanied the participants in their development of a pertinent and coherent schedule of programmes.

“We worked together on the complementarity of the new channel with the existing one both in terms of content and audience. We are certainly not seeking the same viewing public” stated Françoise Tassera.

Parallel to this, Elhadi Yazi, an independent graphic and web designer came up with ideas and a methodology for developing a style manual consistent with the identity and positioning of the new channel. Graphic designers, technicians and directors from ORTB also worked on the values and ideas behind the “brand”.

“Our aim is to clearly show the links between the choice of graphics – colours and shapes – and the editorial line and marketing of the new channel.  The idea is to create a “well thought out” visual identity whilst remaining as pragmatic as possible.” commented Elhadi Yazi.

The creation of a new logo and a jingle allowed the participants to put into practice the reflection initiated by the expert.