‘Billo from Dakar’ UK Premiere on the Africa Channel


On the Africa Channel on Wednesday 28th August at 9pm, Africa Picture House presents the UK Premiere of this new award-winning film produced in Italy and Senegal.

This bitter sweet comedy, co-produced by Senegalese world music star and government minister Youssou N’dour, tells the story of one man’s journey to Italy in search of his fortune. Thierno has grown up in a village in Senegal, and has always hoped to earn enough money to propose to the beautiful Fatou. His Marabout advises him to ‘think carefully what you really want because one day you might get it…’ Thierno gives him no notice and, with his tailor’s diploma and his dreams of success in hand, he arrives in Rome to start a new life. But instead of entering the world of Haute couture, he finds himself an illegal immigrant, struggling to earn a living by selling counterfeit handbags and DVDs.

Slowly, Thierno starts to find his feet, and meets some new friends who give him the nickname ‘Billo’. He is struck by the beauty of his flatmate’s sister Laura, but with Fatou waiting for him back in Senegal, how will Billo reconcile these obligations that pull him in two directions? As things start to look up, has Billo become too lucky? As the Marabout warned him, be careful what you wish for…

Full of irony, luck and love, this entertaining film is accompanied Youssou N’dour’s beautiful original soundtrack, and offers a refreshing take on the personal experience of migration.