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Regulation & Policy

- With Zimbabwe elections days away, the fight over access to the airwaves has intensified. The media environment has loosened slightly compared with previous years, but most Zimbabweans still lack access to independent sources of news, including radio. One person familiar with obstacles to broadcasting is Zenzele Ndebele, editor of Radio Dialogue, a community radio station based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, founded in 2001. Full story here

- South Africa’s Film and Publication Board (FPB) reversed its decision to ban the local film, Of Good Report, which was meant to open last month’s Durban International Film Festival. The initial banning understandably caused a huge furor in the industry as it raised the scary issues of censorship, gagging and transgressing the democratic right to freedom of expression. Fortunately the film is now free to be screened in South Africa. Full story here