South Africa: New digital taxi TV

Technology & Convergence

Expanding Branding has secured the marketing rights to a brand new in-taxi digital TV system which offers some unique points of difference and is now launching with discounted packages for the balance of 2013.
Some of the major features are:

•    The driver has no control over screen, cannot switch it off and cannot play any own content DVDs
•    The 3-way split screen allows simultaneous video, static advertising and scrolling text messages
•    A further 4th zone will soon allow interactive media content such as game feeds, RSS feeds or SMSs to be displayed.

•    The built-in camera takes picture of the taxi occupants every five minutes. These are used for matching adverts to audience watching for client reporting. Pictures will also be available to Missing Children's Bureau in emergencies
•    A GPS ping sent every 50 metres allows client to see exactly where each taxi has travelled and when each advert was played.
•    Specially written geo software automatically creates routes and trip counters based on various recorded parameters.
•    Powerful reports available that detail adverts, audiences, playouts and impressions right down to individual taxis if required.

According to Expanding Branding director, Charles Roberts: "We think this is one of the most exciting new developments in the advertising space for a long time and pending some large investments, our reach is likely to grow to being the largest private digital network with the lowest cost per impression in the world in a couple of years."

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