Technology & Convergence - In Brief

Technology & Convergence

- Morocco: Between the costs of renovation, the shift to digital and the competition of multiplexes, the cinema sector is heating up. In Casablanca’s centre, the three cinemas have traded their old 35 mm projectors for brand new digital equipment. There is no choice, by the end of 2013, the major distributors will stop distributing 35 mm films. If you want to survive, it must go digital.
At the beginning of 1980, Morocco had 250 cinema rooms which catered for 50 million spectators per year; in 2012, there are about 40 rooms for 2 million entries. The reasons of such a slump? The arrival of satellite TV, the mass invasion of pirated DVD and the deterioration of cinema theatres. See more here

- On 31 July 2013, DStv introduced its next-generation PVR decoder, the DStv Explora, set to significantly change the way South Africans experience and control their TV. With the DStv Explora, subscribers can now record up to 220 hours of high definition television, which equates to approximately 100 movies or 150 TV series episodes. In addition, the 2 terabyte hard drive of the new DStv Explora will enable DStv to offer a larger content selection on its popular Catch Up service, bringing the total amount of HD content up to approximately 200 hours, all of which can be accessed on demand. Source: DStv.