Distribution - In Brief


In what is believed to be a first in South Africa, a new local video on demand (VOD) service is able to stream its library of films, TV series and documentaries at extremely low bandwidths. Pay-per-view users can watch standard definition (SD) content (DVD quality at bitrates ranging from 1mbps to 250kpbs from StreamSAmovies on a 1MB ADSL line, with high definition (HD) content (at 2.5 – 1.5mpbs) requiring a 4MB ADSL line. The bandwidth needed for mobile streaming is 250kbps. Source: Screen Africa

Watching television is one of the top leisure activities South Africans spent their time on, Statistics South Africa said on Wednesday. Men across all ages spent more time in front of the television than women. Boys between the ages of 10 and 17 spent the most time in front of the television compared with all the other age groups, and females. Other activities of leisure included socialising and cultural activities. The report was presented in Pretoria by Kefiloe Masiteng, the deputy director general of population and social statistics. Source: Times Live 30 August  2013

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has agreed a major TV deal with African sports network SuperSport. The multi-year contract, which covers both TV and digital platforms, will see SuperSport provide live coverage of NBA games and additional programming in 47 territories throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Source: Sports Media

Cape Town TV (CTV), Cape Town, South Africa's community television station, will be broadcast much more widely later this year with a radical expansion of its reach. From September 2013 the channel will have a stronger signal in Cape Town and it will also be available throughout the sub-continent on DSTV. Source: Film Africa

South Africa’s reality show, SA's Got Talent, returns to e.tv in Sept.