Egypt: Al Jazeera team freed after five days without charge

Regulation & Policy

Al Jazeera correspondent Wayne Hay, cameraman Adil Bradlow, producers Russ Finn and Mohammed Baher were released by the Egyptian authorities on Sunday afternoon. They were arrested on Tuesday and were detained for five days without charge.

Al Jazeera Media Network would like to thank all those who helped us over the past few difficult days, especially the New Zealand, South African and Irish embassies in Cairo.
However Shihab Elddin Shaarawi, the Al Jazeera Mubasher Misr executive producer, was arrested early on Friday morning by security forces, who kept denying his detention until Sunday, when they confirmed that he has been arrested.

Meanwhile Al Jazeera Arabic correspondent Abdullah al-Shami and Al Jazeera Mubasher Misr cameraman Mohamed Badr are still being detained. Abdullah was arrested on 14 August 2013, while Mohamed has been held for more than one month.

These arrests are part of what Reporters Without Borders has called “growing hostility” towards journalists in Egypt.

Al Jazeera calls for the Egyptian authorities to release all our staff unconditionally, along with their belongings and equipment.
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